The world's strongest and lightest wheels

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Just in time for Christmas. And a bargain at only $4995 a set.

Finally a bicycle component that's more expensive than a new SRM Pro. Want to see them? It won't help to go to their web site, not until sometime in December at least, when they have their grand unveiling.

You know you want 'em. These hoops would be just the thing at Tuesday Night Worlds.

Lew Racing uses advanced manufacturing techniques to build the strongest and lightest wheels in the world PERIOD. DEX-LCMâ„¢ is a special technique which combines Boron and Carbon to produce the world's strongest and lightest structure. This special material, developed for the Department of Defense (DOD) by Lew Aerospace and now applied to Lew Racing Wheels, allows us to build the strongest and lightest wheels in the world. Boron and Carbon are combined in precise steps to build a 880 gram wheel set which is stronger and more laterally stiff than most wheel sets twice their weight. Carbon-epoxy rims with stainless steel spokes can't compete, and Lew Racing Wheels are not "lightweights" when it comes to durability. The unique spoke design, while traditional in appearance never needs adjusting as each individual spoke is precisely adjusted to create zero residual stress in the wheel. Applying aerospace technology from unmanned aircraft, Lew Racing Wheels has designed a new low-drag airfoil section like no other that will challenge the world's best road-racing and time-trial wheels all in one highly precise wheel set. Each wheel is dynamically balanced and is manufactured to conform to aerospace and DOD standards. The wheel is designed for racing, but you'll want to ride it every day.

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Lew's were all the rage

Unit wrote 7 years 44 weeks ago

Back in 2002, but they sold out to Reynolds. Now they are back in the game. Something about that on-again off-again behavior makes me hesitant to spend 5000 dollars on a wheel set....well, that and the idea that they will probably cost somewhere around 5 grand (like the Lightweights that they are going up against).

OTOH, I would be happy to do some product testing for these guys....29er, SS, Disc specific wheels that are sub-Kilo?


wheel balancer (not verified) wrote 4 years 22 weeks ago

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